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Inspiring children to learn and have fun, through representative and diverse content.


Diverse and engaging stories from around the world. Build confidence and self esteem whilst reducing racial, disability and gender based biases in young minds


Created in partnership with teachers, ensuring alignment with the national curriculum.


Engage your children whilst providing you with insights to videos that are being watched.

Curated Content

Content that is hand picked by experts, giving you peace of mind and keeping your child safe.

Parental Controls

An experience designed to keep children safe and give parents peace of mind.


Available on your favourite devices. Watch Yyoma anytime. Anywhere.

Prioritising Diversity & Representation

We pride ourselves on ensuring we tell stories that incorporate the multi-faceted nature of the communities we live in. Including but not limited to: families, friends, people of different skin colours, races, physical abilities, and genders.

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Early Years Education Framework

Whether your children are in nursery, pre-school or reception, they will benefit from the Yyoma Early Years Education Framework. We’ve leveraged the best educational resource from the American and British curriculum, to provide your children with a holistic education.

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