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Netflix Meets CBeebies for Black Kids

Educational and Fun TV Shows for Pre-Schoolers Anytime, Anywhere

Build their confidence. Develop pride in their cultural heritage

With top curated black content, we’re improving your kids’ self-confidence and combatting the unconscious biases developed from watching other streaming and media sources.

From animations to shows, videos, and books, your kids have a diverse range of black content from around the world to learn from (and enjoy).

Start watching today.

“It's all my nephews and nieces will watch now...”

Instantly start watching fun, safe streaming TV shows specifically made for black kids.

Use any computer, phone, tablet, PlayStation, Xbox or more…

No lengthy contracts. Cancel anytime.

Everything you need to prepare your child to start school

Get instant access to all of our educational and entertaining content for preschool kids.

We have the best selection of black-centered content that encourages them to love themselves and grow their minds.

Transform your child’s screen time into learning time, leaving you to get on with everything else you have to manage at home and work.

Plus, with parental controls, you have full control over what your children watch.

Here's a glimpse of what's included

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    All children need to see all children, that means race, ability and gender.