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Dean Bryan

Dean Bryan

I’m Dean and I’m the co-founder, Co-CEO, and Chief Operations Officer of Yyoma. In my spare time, I like to cycle, do yoga, and mentor young people towards excellence and happiness in their working lives. 

I used to be a management consultant, so I’ve worked with everybody from big multinationals to new startups. But my dream for Yyoma started in 2019, when I came back from a social trip to Ghana. 

Having spent my childhood at a predominantly white Catholic school, and my young adulthood in predominantly white boardrooms, I knew I’d spent too long asking the same questions. It was time to accelerate diversity and increase representation.

As a kid, I was lucky to have a mother who drove me to succeed, who helped me overcome everything from confidence issues to dyslexia.

With Yyoma, my dream is to help other young black children achieve the same things. Or better still, to exceed these things. I want to bring top-quality educational content to young black minds, to help them discover the richness of black histories and cultures, and to enrich their experience of life and education for the bright future to come.

FYI: If I could have dinner with anybody, living or dead, I’d choose Mansa Musa, Barack Obama, Toussaint Louverture and Maya Angelou! These are some of my personal heroes. Who are yours?