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Ben Boateng-Owusu

Ben Boateng-Owusu

I’m Ben and I’m a co-founder and Co-CEO of Yyoma. As a designer and product developer here, the historical figure that most inspires me is Leonardo Da Vinci

In my young adulthood, climbing the workplace ladder, I often felt invisible barriers around me. I had a growing sense that I was an imposter, that I had to prove myself constantly, and didn’t have the luxury of positive black role models in the spaces I entered.

The older I grew, the clearer it became: I never wanted another person to feel this way again.

Before Yyoma, I worked in product development, where I quickly learned the maxim: “everything tells a story”. 

After a trip to Ghana in 2019, the key thing I noticed was that black people in the West were not receiving the right “stories” about themselves.

I then realised it was up to me to put something together to change this. My goal now is to bring exceptional quality to all of Yyoma’s educational video output, to bring life to the stories of the forgotten peoples of history, and make sure not a single child has to grow up feeling like an imposter in their own skin ever again. 

FYI: As a creative mind, my favourite day of the week is new music Fridays and I like to relax to my favourite songs while sitting in a hammock! How do you like to relax?