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Jonas Afutu

Jonas Afutu

I’m Jonas and I’m a Production Assistant at Yyoma. In my spare time I love to write poems and listen to music. I love photography and collecting digital art pieces. At Yyoma, I use the same knowledge and passion to produce exceptional video content to educate black youngsters.

My background is in Computer Engineering and Information Technology. Playing with data and deriving meaningful insights is something I am passionate about, as it helps developing nations like Ghana, where I’m from, understand how they can improve their economy.

Growing up as a Ghanaian in Nigeria, I watched lots of Western cartoons and I always played those roles, myself, as a child. When I finally moved back to Ghana, I noticed the story was the same: there was almost no indigenous content for Ghanian children. 

Working at Yyoma gives me the opportunity to change this. It gives me a huge sense of pride and fulfilment, that I am a part of a genuine movement, an agent for change and a beacon of hope for young black children around the world.

A fun fact about me: I love art, particularly Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso and Yayoi Kusama. My favourite artist of all time is a Ghanaian woman called Lawrinda “Artseye_1” Agbenowosi. Have you heard of her? Who are your favourites?