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Who are we looking for?

We are ALWAYS looking for passionate and skilled people on both a volunteer, full time and part time basis. For those who are looking to make a real impact on the world, country, local community we think that the best place to focus our efforts is on our kids.

But we cant do this alone, in fact to make an impact we know it takes a whole community. So contact us below for more information!

Work Life Philosophy

When it comes to your life, it’s not our place to dictate what things you should care about. We believe in providing the resources that will alleviate distractions and allow you to do your best work.

Our culture of Freedom & Responsibility translates to the support we provide our team. Highlighted are philosophies outside of our health and financial benefits.

Our fundamentals

Health is Wealth

We don’t have prescribed time off policies for salaried employees, either. We don’t set a holiday and vacation schedule, so you can observe what’s important to you—including when your mind and body need a break.

We monitor the Return On Investment (ROI) per team, not the number of sick days and holidays you take,

Give Back

At Yyoma, you have the ability to impact the world through the work you do, revolutionizing internet entertainment and sharing great storytelling globally. We realize you may also want to make an impact in a more personal way by giving to the charitable organizations you care about. We want to do our part to support you and the organizations important to you through match contributions up to £2,500.

Top of Market

Our philosophy is to pay at the top of personal market, so that we better attract and retain the few fantastic performers.

To make the best estimate of top of personal market, we ask leaders to think about three core questions:
1. What could the person get at other companies?
2. What would we be willing to pay to keep them?
3. What would a replacement person cost?

* Training
* Salary
* Recruitment
* Cultural fit
* Team dynamics

Family First

Being a parent can be a testing time and so our Parental Leave policy is made to alleviate pressures as far as possible. We recognize that one of the most special events in an individual’s life is the birth or adoption of a child.
Our paid parental leave is flexible and generous, allowing parents to take the time they need to care for and bond with their new child.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Autonomy is the freedom to act independently of others and is essential
for highly effective agile teams and companies. As we move forward at
pace, that means delegating as many decisions as possible to teams filled
with highly talented individuals, freeing them to Move Fast, and, yes,
occasionally break things as they innovate.

Meaningful Work
Career Oportunities
Dynamic Enviroment