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Yyoma Streaming Service

The way we make our impact to families and kids is through our streaming service – soon to be launching and can be accessed through your browser with mobile, tablet and TV apps soon to follow.

Please see our packages below and sign up to take advantage of our introductory 30 day free trial!

Join today for our 30 day Free Trial!



EUR 4.99/mo.

EUR 29.99/pa.



EUR 9.99/mo.

EUR 59.99/pa.



EUR 19.99/mo.

EUR 89.99/pa.


No commitment. No credit card needed. Monthly flat fee (billed annually).

Monthly Annual
Function Basic
EUR 4.99/mo.EUR 29.99/pa.
EUR 9.99/mo.EUR 59.99/pa.
EUR 19.99/mo.EUR 89.99/pa.
Unlimited movies and TV shows: thumb up thumb up thumb up
Video quality: Good Better Best
Resolution: 480p 1080p 4K+HDR
Screens you can watch on at the same time: 1 2 4
Cancel anytime thumb up thumb up thumb up
Watch on your laptop, TV, phone and tablet thumb up thumb up thumb up

Yyoma pricing FAQ You can add and remove users as your team changes. At the end of each monthly billing cycle, you will be billed for the following month's subscription based on the exact number of Yyoma profiles you have. For annual subscriptions, you will be billed for the tier that most closely matches your user count over a rolling 3 month average. Can I try Yyoma for free?

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